Black Eye – Clipper Fisheye 180° by B-Factory

Selfies and more selfies. It’s the last second decision that leaves everybody happy in these last years of smartphone fever. Not to say that every occasion is good to take your little digital friend out of the pocket and shoot pictures of what’s happening where you are. Black Eye is here to add a couple of sizes to your shootings. The need to document your actions in that particular moment or that one of a kind environment will get a new perspective with this miniature fisheye. Expand your view and get a lot more friends inside your selfie. Film your friends at the skatepark with a much wider angle that will show more about the trick, where it started and where it finished without moving too much. The Clipper Fisheye 180° is easy to use and versatile as you can see: you can put it at work with both cameras of your smartphone with a simple… 180 degrees twist. Setting it up is a matter of seconds: take it off its blister, take off the cover, put it on your phone like it was a clothespin and you are ready. Strong and grippy this Clipper Fisheye in the hands of Amira R is tough and it will become your favorite associate whenever action or smiles need to be documented. The market is full of these little accessories but one thing separates the quality ones from trash: the quality of its lens. This B-Factory distributed brand has a few other solutions for you according to your needs. Having a Black Eye never felt this good before… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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