Black Kaviar ● G cap 02 snapback

“This is for the Gz, this is for the hustlas, this is for the hustlas now back to the Gz” was rapping Snoop Dogg back in 1993 but a lot of water passed under the bridge the meantime. One thing did not change though: Gs make the world go round. I’m not talking grands as in 1000s or grams in drug dealing. No, sir: I’m talking gangsters. From Al Capone to Snoop himself, gangsters make the world go round. Our fantastic streetwear world, I mean.

On the high end of such world there is urban luxe, whose champion on my blog is Black Kaviar. This funny introduction takes us to this G cap 02 that is no joke at all. The design of this snapback is free from pre-concepts where a headwear piece shall follow a standard. Black Kaviar saw this item that Dario P is wearing as a blank blackboard where everything could happen as far as the result and so it went. The cursive 2D embroidery is a fresh change from what we keep on seeing over and over and the outcome is quite unique. Considering that a street G is not stranger to real feelings, why not to include a rose on the side? Give a look to the arch of the closure and there you will find a little BK embroidery too.

No surprise that, with items of this caliber, this brand is gaining momentum, with the level of its production that keeps on getting better. Apparel with accurate craftsmanship separates the men from the boys (or in this case the Gs from the men…). Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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