Black Kaviar – Awild t-shirt

I am happy to show you a Black Kaviar piece today for several reasons. First of all I am happy that, as I told you not long ago, this great brand from Paris has found an Italian home at Blue Distribution. The level of craftsmanship, design and inspiration of this brand is so high that the Blue family welcomed Black Kaviar in their roster with open arms. This brand had the quickness to catch the black and white trend and make it its own: elegant, mysterious and with a unique edge. Its inspiration comes from a combination of lights of the catwalk and by the smell of asphalt at the same time. Black Kaviar is able to make Street Goth style progress with new cuts and superior silhouettes that are very uncommon in urban wear world. With its esoteric style very dark, that has the power to evoke rather than define, Awild t-shirt blends in several graphic elements that are able to make you look like you are part of an obscure cult. “All we are is dust in the wind” makes us reflect on how small are our lives if you consider how big and complex is the universe. You’d better consider to check closely this t-shirt that Luca G is wearing. Beside the tight fit there is a thin and solid neck ring, proper screen print and an eco leather label close to the hem, together with a smooth cotton fabric. When it’s time to celebrate, you’d better do it right and bring out Black Kaviar from your closet. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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