Black Kaviar – Gak jacket

Black Kaviar wants me to tell you that we are in the middle of a revolution. Bring out your bomb jackets and get ready to put together next level outfit strategies because something is changing real quick. Dark lords are sneaking out from their caves to bring to the table a new style where luxury meets the streets. In this perspective of decadent elegance, elements of different styles blend to create an aesthetic that is actually new where a denim vest is just the starting point to create something unique like this Gak jacket. The PU eco leather of the top part represents a black matte reptile that gives quite an edge to the item that Walter I is wearing. The cotton fabric in the lower part is well printed with the design of a snake skin for the result of a swagger heavy piece in full street goth style. Add to it the feeling of a long sleeve jacket whose sleeves have been cut off at the very last moment before going out, a few zippers reminiscing of a punk jacket and what you have is not your ordinary vest here. This brand from Paris is not The Maxiemillion for the first time and the other vest that we already saw defined their will to get on the next level before others, pushing the limit in a brave way like leaders do. The choice is yours: be forever comfortable with the usual style of yours or shine in a new light, dipped in fresh new clothes. Be ready for the revolution: Black Kaviar is by your side.

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