Black Kaviar ● Glasboro jacket

I’m following closely Black Kaviar proposal for a few seasons now. I always find inspiring to review this brand because it’s second to none when it comes to progressive apparel.

Based in Paris with the sole goal to create astonishing contemporary pieces without fear to dare, this brand bridges the gap among street style and urban luxe with collections that get better year after year. With the fever for the next level, Black Kaviar collections are the future served now. Pieces that think outside the box where the blend of models create interesting hybrids ready to write a new chapter in urban apparel.

Glasboro Jacket crosses over to an elegance whose new parameters are fascinating on their own. Looking like a sort of Lord of the city, Fabio C lets us know through these pictures that the fit plays a huge part in this item. But it’s the sartorial concept to steal the show. A biker jacket lent its main traits to a short coat and the outcome made of a light terry cloth fleece has a unique sleek design. Unzip your arms if you feel like, just like a pair of denim pants ripped on the knees. The collar is nothing short of amazing and the care that has been put to every stitching, from the shoulders to the reinforced front pockets left no room for improvement. A versatile item to show how much of an individual you may be when it’s time to look good, you can find Glasboro Jacket on Black Kaviar website. Feel inspired like a true reader of this blog should be. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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