Black Kaviar – Glossip t-shirt

I have no doubt: of all the brands ever featured on The Maxiemillion if there is an award that I can give to Black Kaviar is “Most Progressive brand”. Forget what you know and follow me in a fantastic journey where we are headed to the future and the past is just a starting point. If in the past seasons we have seen a bunch of pocket tees each one with his own vision, from the most cheap to the most creative, this t-shirt is a new chapter in pocket tees. The pocket is a little rectangle on the front, right? Wrong! Glossip t-shirt has a unique ergonomic cut that follows the line of the sleeve. Did you want a secure place where you can store your iPhone? Even a mini iPad can fit this pocket probably. The outcome is evident: rules are for others, we are Black Kaviar and we do what we like, sorry if you can’t catch up. The pairing of this light heather grey with white looks nice because you can actually see two different fabrics but the impact of this item is white. The collar is low and very wide, showing once again that every little detail is crucial when we talk about a Black Kaviar piece. The highlight of this tee of course is the drop hem with the drawstring. Davide P is playing with it probably just like he would do with the cords of his hoodie but one thing is sure: it’s progressive like no other. Things change fast and Black Kaviar keeps them in motion. Don’t stand still: join the ride. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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