Black Kaviar – Greco crewneck

Do you remember when Q-Tip said those words: “Street poetry is my everyday”? I can really relate to those words, especially today with such a magnificent piece by Black Kaviar. Such adjective is not thrown out randomly. Not at all. The brand from Paris that we met here before with outstanding vests and t-shirts is exploring the boundaries of the Street Goth aesthetic. Black Kaviar is here to give a lesson on how a crewneck should be. Eco leather and brushed fleece are the starting points to create an original piece. Here you have a pocket a bit longer than those on t-shirts and in order to make this a luxury item the same material has been used to create patches on the shoulders. The fit too is what makes this piece relevant: a bit longer than the usual and close to the lines of the body without being too tight. I like how these screen printed roses are placed close to the hem and not on top and I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t noticed how the rose is becoming a strong element in Street Goth graphics. Riccardo B is looking sharp in this piece and if you feel like it’s about time to improve your style with this Greco crewneck, just get on Black Kaviar website. This brand is not distributed in Italy yet but their mail order service is on point. If you do not want to look like the rest of your friends but you have a worldwide state of mind, you know how to act. Just don’t underestimate the power of street poetry.

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