Black Kaviar – Meflect hoodie

I’m always surprised when I see a piece from Black Kaviar. It truly is a pleasure every time to see how this brand can easily stretch the limit of what has been done as far as fits and features. It’s in this way that you elevate the standard and you do something new that didn’t exist before. This Meflect hoodie may seem just a hoodie to you but looking at it closely it’s a fresh upgrade of such item.
Following an inspiration by that evolution of Street Goth movement called Health Goth where you dress in a multilayered way and every fabric is hi-tech to the maximum, this garment is gone under a reflective treatment. You live in the night like it’s your element so you have to come equipped, it’s a survival tactic. The aesthetic of this piece is a bit overloaded but toned down by the choice of colors. The fit is slightly slim as you can see from these pictures of Andrea P but the main innovation here is the size of the hoodie. Wider and longer than an average one, this hood is protective and warm. As far as the innovation that this brand is obsessed with, you have a print even on the hood. A special mention goes to those sleeves that give us a lesson on contemporary obscure graphics that evoke rather than define. The finishing touch is that white line on the sides, close to where the label is. Thanks Black Kaviar for showing us how a proper hoodie with a progressive style should be. It’s available through Blue Distribution. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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