Black Kaviar – SBK 09 snapback

I like when I come at you with news and these are pretty juicy: Black Kaviar has now a distributor for Italy. The brand that I had the pleasure to introduce you through a couple of killer vests and some other items is now part of the ever growing Blue Distribution roster. It’s a matter of flavor but mostly a matter of levels. When one of the main brands in Europe representing Street Goth style makes moves in Italy, it doesn’t accept anything below his level and so when Blue got approached by Black Kaviar that showed them their collection, the answer has been “yes”. I have been supporting this brand for a minute and I may tell you that their range is truly impressive. Complete. Visionary. Through its innovative cuts and current fits this brand is able to let you do the transition from streetwear dude to stylish individual. In a few words your street style may get an upgrade from sporty to classy. Black Kaviar can’t forget the abc of a proper outfit and this has to start with a cap. A black snapback to be exact. SBK 09 is how this fine headwear piece is called. Effective to the maximum with its white embroidery on the crown, the color palette of this snapback stays classic with green fabric under its brim. Its crown is quite low but not excessively: just how it’s supposed to be. If you are tired of the old and want to get along with the next level, there is no other option fresh like this. Special thanks to Shaki Tattoo. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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