New Era ● Houston Astros Basic Long Knit

Houston Astros. What do you know about it? An official MLB baseball team from Texas whose merchandising a while ago made them a fortune based on how nice is their striped orange rainbow alone. I won’t go on sport details here, I’ll stay in my zone where I’m confortable: streetstyle. I can tell that, if we talk streetwear for girls, the neon pink will always be in their collections. It may go through ups and downs but there is no way to get rid of it, fortunately. It’s girly, funny and strong at the same time. That’s why New Era is not losing this opportunity to dress you to impress. That star logo in the front will appeal to tattoo fans as well (aren’t star tattoos best sellers?!)but to make it way simpler, a star shines and you are putting your style in New Era hands to shine, isn’t it?! This is called Basic Long Knit and it has been around for a minute but never in a women sizing with a team logo before. Pharell Williams is rocking his long beanie in this way all the time lately and since he has got that Mida touch, consider this way to rock a long beanie gold. Margherita N is givin’ us a helping hand modeling today this essential piece with denim and spikes. What a coincidence she already had a neon pink watch to match. It all makes sense: I know these Italian dj producers called Pink is punk and their name alone assures us that everything is in its place here. Stay fresh with your style and warm with your dome piece: you will be not worried about goin out in mid November. This is just an example of what the n.1 cap company can do, even if we got accustomed to know them through the years for classic sport caps with a visor. There will be more to come from them here, just don’t lose touch and keep following.

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