“Blame it on the Goose (Goose)/Got you feelin loose (loose)” (Jamie Foxx)

It all happened in a strange sequence, but it worked exactely as follows. I saw Penfield jackets somewhere in a shop newsletter also featuring some Vans. Nico works with me and he luvs Vans. Me too but with sneakers I’m more like an Arabian prince: I luv all my wives and I have plenty.
I forwarded him the email and my boss Gianni peeped it, being both of them in charge of that email address. The day after I heard that new collabo joint of Ninja Assassin “Legacy” featuring Raekwon, Murs & Xzibit, where good ole Rae raps about a character that rocks AF1s and a Penfield goose. In case you forgot what my official occupation is here, it’s inspectah/reverend/prophet. The third part of it worked this time. Next thing I know is that Gianni did his hunting and discovered the source of the distribution of Penfield goose jackets chez nous in Italia. So without me stressing or anything like that, he briefly asked me what I thought about dealing with them and of course i was down. You kiddin’ me?! The Chef doesn’t drop name brands that are anything less than real. On his first “Only built for Cuban Links” cover, he was rocking a Tommy Hil goose, on the back . Beside the hip hop reference, it seems that Penfield knows what their deal is. This company from Massachussets has been around for more than three decades now and the recipe is pretty simple: quality that looks good. Or better yet awesome. So without even having the time to do a further inspection, in two days time we had a delivery at New School shop of this fine item here. Maybe fine item just doesn’t give it justice. A shiny goose cut like a hoodie, with a diamond quilted body filled with the finest down, so light that you won’t believe unless you have it in your hand. Water resistant and windproof, the nylon cire Nuna jacket was available even in black with red details but this here is the color that is most legit. Hunter flavour. Yes, it truly represents my spirit these days. Looking for something, ready to have it by any means. Welcome to the hunting spirit. You wouldn’t get a warmer welcome anywhere else…

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