Blessed by St Alfred

It’s not hard to be one of the best spots for your sneakers and for your urban kit in general if Kicks Hawaii got your back. I’m a devoted fan of the fine work these guys put in the communication about what they love. Quality instead of quantity and a lot of good fun. I don’t ask for more when I’m peepeing some sneakers in a newsletter. Kicks Hawaii has this kind of magic and I thought that even their Chicago affiliation, St Alfred should be in those ranks. It happens that my homies from the Blackout crew went on a US trip that was including Chicago and I gave to Pedro “Gaming” P the address and told him that the spot deserveded a visit.
What a surprise that the whole collective of spaghetti friends got treated so kindly from St Alfred staff that Adel “Skateboard B” B had to say that he never received a better service before. Dude traveled around and knows what good service is: friendly and spontaneaous people that hooks you up about the cool things to check in the area without forgetting to be a professional. That map on top is living proof. The sales assistant found the time to draw to my friends a survivor map of the area. Some exclusive gear is what they had in their bag and a good smile is what they had on their face at the end of the day. Imagine my smile when I saw this St Alfred New Era 59fifty cap in micro buffalo flannel (is it correct to label it like this?). Pedro said it’s for my birthday but being a Virgo, it’s a september thing in advance. How dope! Clean and mean, this red and black with a dark green underbrim and satin interior is so big willie style that even Will Smith would welcome me in Miami with a high five if he sees me wearing this. Let alone that red, black and dark green is a winning combo this year for the wannabe pimp that plays the game. I had this from Pedro “Gaming” P, it all makes sense.


  1. Pedro 25 June 2009
  2. Esqueezy 10 July 2009

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