Bones – Original t-shirt

There is nothing that I respect like the longevity of true pioneers. To speak in skate lingo, how about Steve Caballero? Our man is riding Powell boards and Bones wheels and bearings forever now. He can skate no matter what transition you put in front of him and he surely doesn’t look like a man close to his 50th birthday. Style lasts forever, unlike trends that are temporary. Be sure that if there are a few brands in skateboarding that can put little rookie brands to sleep because of their timeless style, Bones is one of them. That’s why we are now in front of this Original t-shirt that Ramona is kindly modeling for us (even if it’s a large mens skate tee): to celebrate an original brand. No frills on this t-shirt but an in-your-face message written in the font that Bones used for ages on its items and its communication. Bones have a reputation of being the best and their team confirm this: so many top pros and ams endorsing their products is a warranty of quality. Don’t forget that bearings are, together with your wheels, the engine that makes your skateboard roll. If you were a professional would you settle for anything less than the best for your engine? That’s why 28 years of skate hardware that couldn’t care less about the competition are still up and counting to this day: because the original intent was to create a standard by which all other bearings are measured. Stay tuned because I will have a review of these bearings that I’m talking about real soon. In the meantime stay original, you have no choice now.

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