Boom Bap ● Busted t-shirt

Boom Bap is not a brand to take lightly. Even if the brand based in Portugal is notorious for putting fun as a priority, its accuracy in what concerns craftsmanship is all but a joke. First and foremost I would like to point at your attention the fact that this brand is also manufacturing its apparel and this is not an everyday sight in these days of “designed in _____ (insert country here) and manufactured in China”.

Today Boom Bap is giving us a lesson in t-shirts. Forget all you know and open your mind. Not all of us love to pass a message with a screen printed t-shirt. Some love to show off their tattoos while some others just stress the way their apparel is cut and they obsess over its drop. If you add to this the fact that distressed clothing is gaining momentum like never before you may start to figure out what’s the logic behind this Busted t-shirt here worn by Cristina T.

With an hem longer in the back and shorter in the front you may start to figure out that this is a current item but it’s the raw cut that forms a diagonal life on the front to steal the show. Look at all its details: irregular stitchings, sleeves rolled up with an eco leather branding and another branding close to the hem.

Browse the Contemporary line section on Boom Bap website and beside this you will find plenty of gems to feast your eyes on. Now it’s up to you: you can look deja vu or be the newest of the new. Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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