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May we turn our watches back to 2012? It was the year of that wicked Kanye joint “Way too cold” that was name dropping like only Ye can do names like Anja Rubik and Anna Wintour. Let’s focus on the latter because that’s what Boom Bap wants us to do.

We can define Anna Wintour without hesitation the most powerful woman when it comes to high fashion media, being her the editrix of Vogue America. It was in that song that a street cat like me had the chance to hear such name. I don’t spend my time going at high fashion shows nor I flip through fashion magazines on regular basis but I know how influential her magazine is.

Add to this an influential friend called Karl Lagerfeld whose job at Chanel and Fendi as creative director, beside his other activities, earned to this German gentleman the title “Kaiser Karl”. Basically this picture is all about power. Like you saw the editor of USA Today sitting close to Trump, let’s say.

You know how we, the streetwear people, operate in front of power, right? We lift our middle finger just like Anna is doing.

Boom Bap is entertained by high fashion, staying true to what it does: cut and sew in its own building in Portugal fine clothes for all those that want quality without spending crazy amount of dinero. This allowed the brand to develop crewnecks like this Buy Classic sweat here worn by Elisa L. The sublimated print of the picture is defined and neat while the claim below is screen printed.

It’s one of those items that you wear to spark conversation, be it about love or hate it doesn’t matter much. Keep your head up and be your own leader is all I have to say. Buy it if you like it. If you check out Boom Bap website you are sure to find a lot that you will like…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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