Boom Bap ● Cobain t-shirt

Boom Bap wants you to come as you are. This means with a personal style, where details are crucial and quality is superior. This is how you have to come to approach this brand from Portugal: open to a level of craftsmanship that is far from average.


I used those words to open this post not by accident: the name of this item is Cobain t-shirt. How can I not think of all the music that Nirvana gave to us as a timeless gift?! Probably the inspiration to call this tee in such poetic way was coming from the worn style of this tee, that looks like a secondhand item, just like grunge movement liked it.


Basically this is the tee that you wear in hot days like these. Being ultra thin with an extremely low collar, this is the outstanding tee that gets noticed by the way it drops. The distressed look is the result of a spray dye that makes the stitchings stand out more giving extra style points to our t-shirt. This gives an irregular but most of all unique aspect to it. I made Michela P model this tee even if it belongs to men’s section on Boom Bap website.


You may remember if you are a regular here at The Maxiemillion, Boom Bap is a street fashion forward brand that sees now what the competition will see later on. Don’t tell me that “it’s only a t-shirt” because then you are missing the point. This is the dope looking t-shirt that you wear when you rock that cross body bag and you don’t want to deal with a graphic tee. Or maybe when you have a cap that has to stand out so a t-shirt with a logo would be a distraction.


Don’t get distracted by all my talking though: even this tee has a logo, a very small one on a leather label stitched on the hem. Buy this tee online on Boom Bap website and get ready to put together a next level outfit.
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