Boom Bap ● Crash Army Sweat

We could say that Boom Bap has a sort of “natural penchant” for camouflage. How could it be any different, if you consider that Boom Bap is also the Golden Age type of rap that in the 90s had everyone dressed in disruptive pattern material, from Wu Tang to Capone’n’Noreaga.

But even if the respect for the past is there, we don’t live under a rock and evolution is all but a bad thing. Here is a way to rock camouflage staying current with the production of one of the most important production units of all Europe. I am saying so because not many brand can claim to their name that design and production all happen in the same place and this is the case. Yes, at Boom Bap headquarters in Portugal they take care of the whole craftsmanship process and this alone is a guarantee of a production level with a higher standard.

Crash Army Sweat is its name but don’t call it a comeback: when I first posted this item in 2016 it was dyed in a mineral shade of grey. This woodland camouflage colorway that Alexandra D is wearing today is the ultimate unisex item where you can create endless outfits with it.

She wears it with a pair of shorts but you can wear it with your best black joggers. How about those khaki cargo pants that you keep handy in your closet?

Its tall fit makes it a cut and sew item that stands out but watch closely and you will discover two thick zippers on the sides. Its kangaroo pocket has ribbed hems but the freshest detail indeed are its long cuffs that turn into gloves. Were you ready to rock nonchalantly such a fresh piece? Expect the unexpected when Boom Bap is in the mix.

Mixing and matching items from this brand is never-ending fun. Boom Bap whole collection is available now online and if you plan on being current at a reasonable place you will love what you will see…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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