Boom Bap ● Creased t-shirt

Good things come to an end and the three days special on Boom Bap is no exception. After I posted Trooper Pant Camo Luxe two days ago and Forest Sweat Hoodie yesterday, today we saw the finish line with this Creased t-shirt.

Three items very different among them that I posted here to give you the picture on the potential of this brand that loves to explore the many facets of street fashion. Maybe the last two are similar in a sense: both are very tall and grey but they belong to two different categories anyway.

The last Boom Bap t-shirt that we saw one year ago was progressive too but this one is on a whole different level. The Creased tee has a raw cut on the front where there should be a collar and a crease in the middle through its whole length.

Same for the back where the crease is actually a sort of hem that has a cut in the middle, in order to play properly with the result of spray dye technique. For those not loving this shade of grey, Boom Bap proposes this piece also in black, red, white and blue. I picked grey because it’s decadent. It has the feeling of a black tee shirt that has been washed for decades.

Its micro branding is an eco leather label stitched close to the hem. With such hem shorter on the sides and its irregular stitching it all contributes to my theory that this item has been designed to look like it has been around forever.

We gave the task to model this tee to Michela N but on Boom Bap website you can also find men wearing it. I’m getting to the point: it’s an unisex item. Don’t try to relate if you are a traditionalist because all that matters to Boom Bap is the next level, things of the past are so last season…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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