Boom Bap ● Forest Sweat Hoodie

Welcome back. I started yesterday this three days special on Boom Bap but I have to warn you: I was just warming up. Today I have another juicy item by this brand that explains better that line from yesterday “the brand from Portugal that made progressive street style its mission”.


While some of us love to dress well but don’t dare to do “something different”, Boom Bap lives to create challenging items that separate the weak from the brave. This men’s fleece is called Forest Sweat Hoodie and without a doubt it can’t be worn by an average dude. See? This is the definition of progressive street style: items that make genres a thing of the past and that use the guidelines of regular streetwear to create something that didn’t exist before.


This item worn by Michela N has been spray dyed as you can see from the stitchings (where dye can’t penetrate properly). Its extra tall cut is unusual for a men’s fleece and same for the decadent raw cut on the sleeves. Same thing for the line in the middle of the back panel.


With a straight fit, no pockets and a triple stitching on the left side of the front panel you can tell that this item ain’t nothing on a regular hoodie. On that subject, the hoodie is a crucial point in the construction of this item: very deep, no cord and crossed panels on the front give you a sort of scarf effect.


Now you may start to figure why Boom Bap in my perspective is a key player of European streetwear: maintaining its prices reasonable, it proposes avant garde items with a strong taste that are manufactured in-house.


We are almost over with this 3 days special but not yet. I guarantee that tomorrow I will get you stoked once again on Boom Bap perspective with another outstanding item. Don’t go anywhere but here!
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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