Boom Bap ● Jogging Pant Reserve Denim

Boom Bap is here today to give us a lesson in craftsmanship. Sometimes you have an ill vision that seems like the best ever but when it’s time to turn that into reality you may have unexpected problems and the final result may be deceiving but this is not the case.

With the pant that is under our eyes today the Portuguese brand that excels in the exploration of the urban style went the extra mile. Called Jogging Pant Reserve Denim, this item represents a joyful trip into accurate craftsmanship but let’s start from the beginning.

Boom Bap sent in another superior pant made of jersey fabric not long ago and this one belongs to the same league, even if it’s completely different. If that pant was the missing link among sweatpants and a urban luxe black pant, this one is the crossing among a jogger pant and a pair of denims.

The basic concept is to think of the jogger born as a chino pant with cuffs as a starting point. On such design there are an endless number of possibilities it’s all a matter of… having the vision, as I said.

Now take a lightweight denim fabric with 2% elastane (so you can move freely) and give it an acid wash treatment to give it a retro look, just like the denims that De La Soul in 1989 hated on in “Take it off”. Like it wasn’t enough it has been sandblasted and stone washed to be smooth like velvet. In two words: it looks like a denim but it’s way softer.

Its crotch in order to look and feel good has a couple of panels to make this pant drop flawlessly.

The only branding is the embroidered triangle close to the waist that shows the same triangle that you can find on the cardboard label of this item. Did you ever imagine such a lesson in style?
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