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Boom Bap is the result of a quite unique combination. If on one side there is the need to make fun of the fashion industry that takes itself too seriously, on the other there is a constant research on progressive style.


This brand from Portugal follows every step of its production in house, from design to production and this includes every item from its wide range that includes from tees to crewnecks but most of all cut and sew fleece items that are redefining this section of casual wear.


Let’s leave all the above to other upcoming posts on Boom Bap: today our spotlight are pointed on Lewis Chino. I won’t lie: I love this kind of pants and I wear them a lot, that’s why I wanted to see what this brand was capable of in this field and… I am all but disappointed.


The key to this item is its fit. Its slouch crotch gives you plenty of room to put your hand in your pockets but as soon as you get to the knee you see how its fit is tapered to let you show off your sneakers. It’s not short as you see it here, it’s slightly longer: I cut it off as I like for the shooting (but you don’t have to).


Another factor not to underestimate is this type of lightweight denim canvas that makes it like a colorful jeans pant even if it’s not. Then if you want to understand what I said in the first paragraph about “making fun of the fashion industry” it’s enough to look at this hyped little monkey with her headphones on.


Shall I add that the contrast red zipper is wicked too?


Get lost in the never-ending research for the perfect outfit browsing Boom Bap website (and you too will take street fashion less seriously after you did).
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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