Boom Bap ● Porongo Jogging Unisex

It is my duty as a streetwear blogger to bring to your attention what’s new as far as trends go and what you can actually cop to have a fresh style. I noticed during last seasons that the general attention shifted away from denim. Gone are the days of your overpriced selvedge indigo denim. The distressed denim craze has been put down your throat from each and every mass distribution chain of stores, making it totally lose its “rebel factor”. So what is next, you ask? Nothing but workwear pants and jogging pants.



It’s on the latter that we are focusing today with the help of Boom Bap. With the utmost level of craftsmanship, like this brand got us used to in my previous posts, we are giving a look to a little big masterpiece of a jogging pant.


Called Porongo Jogging Unisex , this item hits you at first for its pattern that is definite and clearly visible without being too “in your face”. It’s the subtle choice of colors that makes this garment worn by Elisa C an item that you can wear easily.


It’s always a matter of touching and feeling when it comes to clothing. You should actually touch this garment but trust my words: the fabric is really smooth and the print is well executed even though it is impalpable. You pass your fingers on the fabric and you don’t feel it. Ah, the joys of top level sublimated prints.



Beside this, pay attention to the little details and you won’t be disappointed: look at how the printed cord and the contrast pockets talk about the love of Boom Bap for superior urban garments.
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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