Boom Bap ● Respect Long Sleeve

Boom Bap is not afraid to dare. For this aspect alone I felt that this brand had something that make it stand out in European street fashion. From crewnecks displaying irreverent quotes to inspired allover print sweatpants, I have posted here some items that give you the picture of what Boom Bap is capable of.

If we go back in memory lane up to February 2016, you may remember Boom Bap Shadows Long Coat. The item that we are looking at today is quite on the same guidelines: unisex, black, very long and with a hood.

Respect Long Sleeve is not made of fleece but rather of t-shirt fabric. This cut and sew item shows what the brand from Portugal can do when it’s time to design thinking of the next level. A pointed hem in the front that follows the same line on the back, with a long zipper in the middle is not what you see on an everyday garment. Pay attention to how beautiful the raw cut of the edge above the zipper is. Adding another unusual element, we have that sort of branding made of a white cord that perforates the black fabric.

Entirely made in Portugal, where this brand has all the in-house structure to actually produce its apparel, beside designing it, we are facing another example of how Europe could take matters into its own hands when it comes to producing in another continent.

As Boom Bap strongly encourages you on its own homepage “Forget the rules! If you like it, wear it!”. So no matter if you are a young girl like Elisa L in these pictures of if you are a more aged man like myself: feel the freedom message that this brand wants to pass you and enjoy apparel as a medium of expression.

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Photos courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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