Boom Bap ● Trooper Pant Camo Luxe

What do you think if I propose you to follow me in a three days special on Boom Bap? Are you ready for three back to back posts on the brand from Portugal that made progressive street style its mission?

Every time I check Boom Bap website I find myself lost in a sea of cut and sew pieces that blurry the line among men and women, creating many opportunities for those that seek the next level in the way they dress. That’s why with the help of my friend Michela N we will show you how diverse this brand can be in its proposal.

You have seen from funny fashion fleeces to extra tall tees that dropped at the apex of the Kanye thing up to the recent Lewis Chino but our daily reflection today is on an pant that truly stands out.

Called Trooper Pant Camo Luxe, this item is contemporary and funny like no other. Don’t waste time browsing Camopedia: you won’t find this camouflage pattern made of women shapes.

It comes out at the right time, when denim bottoms don’t offer many opportunities of development while other pants still do. Beside this, the custom camouflage design is what is hot in these days where the average Woodland camo looks deja vu.

Made of smooth terry cloth, this screen printed jogger has a slightly tapered fit, really comfortable. With its cord at the waist you can make it fit but it’s the two back pockets to steal the show (and that explain the name of the item). If on the left one you have a proper branding, complete with woven label stitched on its corner, on the right one you have to deal with a complex character.

By this I mean a girl drinking a beer while rocking a mask of Stormtrooper straight out of Star Wars. Too crazy? This is just the beginning. See you tomorrow!
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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