Boom Bap ● YISneakers Classic Sweat

Sneakers and streetwear go hand in hand like Snoop Dogg gin and juice. It has always been like that but nowadays the thing is blown out of proportions. Too many sneakers. Too many chain stores. Too many styles dropping on daily basis. Up to a few months ago I could not imagine that a pair of limited kicks can cost up to 30 thousand dollars.


Boom Bap is knee deep into street fashion so how could this brand not notice such phenomenon?! The two main points of strength of this brand are the high level of quality and its witty sense of humor. Once you have these two weapons under your belt, you are destined to win in any style war.


YISneakers Classic Sweat is the crewneck that stays close to the streets for what concerns the sneaker part but makes fun of a classic high fashion maison.


Who needs posh brands when all you do is indulge in a street life that revolves around flamboyant styles, loud sound, action sports and street art? Of course you will need a pair of sneakers to match that sharp outfit properly, another one to go to a club where you risk of somebody stepping on your feet, a proper one to skate and one more to run fast in case they chase you.


Show your main passion with this crewneck here worn by Deborah B in a killer color palette of navy blue and red (but it’s also available in two more grey and black based colorways). Its fleece is soft as a cotton / polyester blend can be and its screenprint is on point. Its branding, beside the logo screen printed in the middle, consists of a little red label thermo glued to the fabric.


Wait no longer: go browse Boom Bap website and cop this crewneck. You gotta show what your love is all about…
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