Boom Bap ● Zipper Pant Impact

Boom Bap sent in an explosive pair of pants to stay true to its name. The brand from Portugal is kind enough to let me pick up a few items every season and I know that this brand has “that special something” that I can’t find elsewhere. Its urban proposal is right in the middle among streetwear and urban luxe (but here we talk reasonable prices) and its captivating pants are the first thing I thought about when I had to check among its range.

Far from being just another jogger pant, this Zipper Pant Impact shows a sartorial approach to a terry cloth pant, making it precious. With its tapered fit, you have all the room you want to feel comfortable in the top part but the tight fit around the ankles makes its drop a thing of beauty. Especially because the chrome zipper adds a precious element that elevates the standard of this item.

With the cord at the waist that may remind you of sweatpants, the difference is made by the tall elastic waistband quite unusual if you think about that garment. With a composition of 92% cotton and 8% polyester the result is a jersey fabric thicker than a t-shirt but lighter than terry cloth, slightly elastic, allowing you to move freely.

The branding is very discreet, represented by that little leather label close to the stitched X that we first saw on that Bomber Jacket Outline that I reviewed a couple of years ago.

What makes this a superior pair of pants is the design of the front panel with the pockets sticking out, only to find two more pockets on the back.

The research that Boom Bap carries on for years and years of work payed off: the Portuguese brand that develops everything in house from design to craftsmanship is now at the top of its potential.

What you have left to do now is to browse Boom Bap website to get even more stoked on this brand (if this is ever possible…).
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