Boom Bap – Audrey Slim PPT Ash Rose pant

It’s Boom Bap time again. I have some news to update you on the collection of this brand with the infinite range. I told you not to expect anything deja vù from Boom Bap and as you can see I stay true to what I say. After those all white Go Go sneakers and that Shadows long coat it’s time to think about summer for our girls. Those of you that are quick to catch up on fashion know how pink is getting all the attention of stylists and brands this season. The French Kickass Brand saw an opportunity to design a pair of pants with the style of a 5 pocket jeans but made of wrinkled cotton to make your legs look good without the constrictions of denim. This fabric will take charge of your image and will give the best of you. The shade of pink gets enhanced at the hem with some contrast red stitching so you’d better wear these pants with a cuff but let’s get down to business. It’s not the contrast stitching that makes you go for this Audrey Slim pant: it’s the fit. Low on the waist, slim on your legs with a slightly wider opening at the bottom, this item worn by Cor.Sara is made of cotton but has that 2% elastane to make it uber comfortable. If the little things are what sparkle your interest take a good look at that rivet of the front pocket. When did you see a feature that was this nice?! I think you would agree: no better description than “kickass” fits this brand… Pictures courtesy of Bea Trixi.

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