Boom Bap ● Chicks R-neck Laser Cut t-shirt

Lately t-shirts have started a new chapter in apparel. If once you just had regular t-shirts, now you have v neck tees, pocket tees, distressed treatments, tall tees. To put it in a player logic we may same that the game gets real. There are so many options nowadays that to think of the current situation five years ago, you just wouldn’t have imagined all this.

Boom Bap feels like it can take advantage of the current situation because there is no dark zone in the production of this brand. I showed you its Feel t-shirt recently, a tall tee that actually requires a physique du role to wear nonchalantly. This Chicks R-neck Laser Cut t-shirt under the spotlight today is a street fashion piece that has a very high quality price rate. This means that you can get a boutique piece for the price of a skate tee. The corrosion print is so smooth it’s impossible to feel while the print is definite and vivid. All the edges (this means neck, sleeves and hem) have this laser cut that gives to this tee that Claudia P is wearing that worn, distressed feeling that we are all looking for these days.

There is no doubt that Boom Bap is at the forefront of innovation and its quality level is always relevant, giving to “made in Europe” apparel a good name. By the way, if that chick is a pop off the reason is under your eyes: she never browsed with attention Boom Bap website therefore she is missing all the progressive apparel from this brand… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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