Boom Bap – Dust Oversized tank

May I mind your business for a minute? Considering that it’s mid August you may still be on holiday but soon this thing will come to an end. In a few days you’ll be back to your desk, remembering how nice it was to be on holiday with (insert name here) in (insert location here). Now, in all this I may suggest you a piece that it will make it an holiday to remember even more: this Boom Bap item. Called Dust Oversized tank, this top part of the Contemporary Line is pure finesse. Informal elegance, if you prefer, but this tank is for special occasions. Its raw cut frayed edges bring a sort of decadent class to this tank that is unparalleled as you can see from these pictures of Sara T. Made entirely of cotton, this item like the rest of Boom Bap production is a product of our continent, Portugal to be precise. That’s where this brand operates creating outstanding contemporary street fashion for both men and women, blurring the separation among genres sometimes, like when we saw that cape called Shadows Long Coat. Just in case you forgot Boom Bap is also a sneakers brand (what about those Inspector Rupert shoes?!) also made in Portugal. Got the message? No need to look at the grass on the other side: our grass is real green too. Style and quality aren’t missing from the collections of this brand: feel free to browse to no end Boom Bap website and you will understand more and more what I’m about. Now go enjoy the remaining days of holiday… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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