Boom Bap ● Gossip hoodie

May I speak my mind? I miss the old Kanye, straight from the ‘Go Kanye, chop up the soul Kanye, set on his goals Kanye. People are hating on him these days, quick to point their finger and give him sh*t, just because he is going through a bad period. I don’t forget how good he is (shall I write how G.o.o.d.?!) and neither does Boom Bap.

The street fashion specialist is back on the blog you love with a hoodie that, considering how time flies in these modern times, can be roughly defined as “the old Kanye” (even if that “I love Kanye” joint is probably about a slightly younger Kanye). It was 2010 when the album that included this joint dropped and Monster conquered the dance floors globally.

Get conquered by this item called Gossip hoodie that Valentina Z is wearing. This time Boom Bap did not surprise us with a progressive piece with an outstanding cut: this time we are dealing with a perfectly executed basic piece. With soft fleece, cords of the hood made of the same fleece and a quality print that you can’t feel under your fingers but has an impressive definition, how can you go wrong with such set up?! Not all hoodies fit the same and this one is quite tight which reveals the attention to contemporary styles from the designers of this brand.

Head over to Boom Bap website and you will get stoked to see how many outstanding pieces you can find for both men and women. Go ahead and you will see: it’s not a gossip, it’s the truth!

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