Boom Bap – Jones Boyfriend denim

You must live with your head in the clouds not to notice that ripped denims are steaming hot. Never before in street fashion the denim had to be ripped like now. It’s not the first time that we saw it, by the way. It all started with punk movement back in 1977. Punks were wearing leopard leggings or kilt tight pants beneath their denims so you could see the pattern from the rips. Nowadays the shock value of a pair of pants of this kind is not scary like it was back then but still it puts the “rebel” back in rebel style. The thing is that when the fever is this contagious you have every brand offering you its version of the story but the real deal is Boom Bap. This brand knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to denim. The first time I met the people from Boom Bap it was at Pitti Immagine. They had a booth with an infinite amount of denim of all color variations hanging that gave me the picture of how much love this brand puts into these pants. Our pick for today is Jones Boyfriend denim that in its dark black wash is just what you dream of. Check how authentic the rips look, not like some cheap brands that think that once you put a couple of scissor cuts here and there it’s alright. The stretch fabric contains 1% of elastane that allows you to move easily even if the fit is skinny. Once again it’s up to you: look average or… choose Boom Bap! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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