Boom Bap ● Shadows long coat

The claim “French kickass brand” couldn’t be more accurate. When we talk Boom Bap it all goes back to what I wrote as an opener when I did my first post: “Boom Bap is a hell of a player of the street fashion game” and boy, was I right?! I just invite you to put your attention to this Shadows long coat and tell me if I was lying. If we go back to the beginning, fashion industry and streetwear swerve started to go hand in hand with the movement started by music renaissance artists like Kanye West and A$ap Rocky. This created a new aesthetic that went through little changements: from street goth to health goth to be now generically defined as urban luxe. Now it doesn’t matter much which genre are you since men started wearing leather shorts with leggings while women wear oversized rugbys of their boyfriends. In this perspective this item by Boom Bap that Anna H is wearing here can even be worn by a guy. As a confirmation, the shop section of this website puts this item in the unisex department. Here you have a sort of mix among a coat and a hoodie sweat. Look at its raw edges that create a sort of decadent elegance. No buttons, no zippers but a piece that is destined to cover your body together with other layers of clothing. On its back an upside down cross formed by a proper sewing job add a little more shock value to this long coat. Ready to wear this piece with the right attitude? The time is now. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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