Boom Bap – Well V-Neck Laser Cut t-shirt

I can’t do nothing but think about Austyn Gillette and Dylan Rieder when I see a v-neck t-shirt. Those guys are the main reason why this kind of t-shirt nowadays is not only accepted by the skateboard community but very much in demand. Anyway we are dealing with Boom Bap today and this is not a skateboard company but rather a street fashion brand (and let me add, a very important one). The “French Kickass brand”, as Boom Bap claim states officially, modus operandi is not based on sending over designs to a factory to actually produce it. No sir, here we talk about a brand with in-house production. This time we are far from the pink pant and the long coat from this brand that we saw not long ago. The deal today is a corrosion printed t-shirt whose sleeves, neck and hem are laser cut in order to get that vintage feeling that is very similar to your distressed denim. This tee claims that “Bad girls do it well” and I can’t do nothing but agree. A bad girl may not be one to marry but hey, who does it better?! You see them around: beanie, tank top, ripped denim, sneakers in vivid colorways and tattoos. The one represented on this item modeled by Francesca T is not so extreme, like I just described. For this mens tee Boom Bap chose something mild but there are many others with much more spice, if we talk about concepts. Go peep them all on Boom Bap website (and don’t forget to do it well). Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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