“Bought the jeep, tore the muh’fu*kin doors off/foot out that b*tch, ride the sh*t like a skateboard” (Jay Z)

Not everyone can ride Jeeps like they were skateboards, like Jay Z says in the title. Some of us love to ride actual skateboards. Those who have ever ridden a rolling deck of seven plies of maple actually know that 1/2 of your engine is your pushing leg and the remaining part is your set of bearings. Of course, wheels come into play. The softer the slower, the harder the faster, it’s that simple. When buyin a set of bearings, it’s easy to get attracted by packagings. Those boxes at the skateshop call your name, I know. Metal boxes in several colours are good looking and can turn pretty much into everything: from ashtrays to secret little items holders, at a point you want to get that set because of the box, the bearing is not that important. So wrong! Homies at Blast! distribution deal in Fvtvra skateboards as a creative release from all the imported goods from overseas that they distribute over Italian turf. They are are skateboarders, so they know the basic principles of streetlife: weapons first, frills later. It costs you money to be a skater, shoes and equipment are something that you gotta constantly have in check, like an alcoholic checks the level of what he is drinking. These bearings are all killer, no filler. The basic cartoon box is not expensive, so all your money goes into those rings that can roll faster than Redman rolls his favourite pastime. From the core of your hardware to the less important part of your skateboard: the graphics. Who cares? Kids do. They fall in love with their first deck because of the graphics, it’s a fact. As I told you above, times are tough sometimes so if you are on a budget and your purchase is a blank deck (support skateboarding and buy pro boards if you can, thank you), Enjoi comes to the rescue. Them jolly good fellows from San Jose, repped in Italy by Blast! as well, call this bag Blank Board Repair Kit, to make fun of those surf repair kit probably. In order to collect some hardly earned dollars from them brats at the skateshop these stickers are for sale. Adults like myself have a rep friend that gets these stickers for free. Don’t think that Enjoi is an evil company, by the way: those stickers are the true meaning of happiness on a deck of a baby boy. It’s up to you to get respect for your tricks, not for the look of your deck…

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