Bright Tradeshow – Starter bucket & scarf

We just passed March 21st but it’s still cold and grey outside. What to do? Gearing up for low temperatures and thinking of upcoming good times seems an easy solution. It’s still a few months away but the XXI edition of Bright Tradeshow is a very important meeting for people that live our lifestyle. No matter if you have a shop or you are a major distributor of imported streetwear brands, an artist that collaborated with a brand, a DJ looking for a sponsorship deal or a pro skater: it’s the atmosphere that makes this meeting place friendly and unique. You know how fast are our days going, right? Nothing stays the same for long in our world and the place where you can get the picture on the evolution of brands and trends is in Berlin, at Bright. Twice a year people converge there to tell stories and to listen, to watch and to make themselves be seen but most of all to interact in the growth of a global scene where Europe plays a crucial part. Quite a few Italian people attend every edition and some of those that were there for the XX edition had the chance to bring home this kit composed by a Starter Bucket and this wool scarf that Nicole P is wearing. If you plan on making your brand be seen next edition, you’d better get in touch with Fresco Distribution. Franz Hoeller is Bright Tradeshow Italian ambassador and considering how smart and open minded is his perspective on streetwear and action sports, they couldn’t have picked a better man for the cause.

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