Bring back your tapes and vinyls 4 Analog

In this complex world of ours, one of my many occupations is to help out the homies @ New School shop, when they need it. In this way last saturday I was knee deep with denims and I so wanted a new one. Here comes my pick: Analog Stefan Janoski signature denim. This switch skateboarding knight from Habitat skateboards, really knows the meaning of ninja steez: don’t let others see what your game is, he probably thought
A plain, dark denim is what Stefan wants us to wear. Rivets drive me crazy: they’re made of plain metal on the outside, while on the inside they’re yellow and they say “design unlikely futures” on them. The total amount of back pockets is three and the coin pocket on the front, at the right has a flap with a button to lock it. Pure genius?
The loops are there, ready to welcome both your belt or if you’re a hardcore skater, your shoe laces, to hold em up.
Is this denim the apex of the “less is more” state of mind?

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