Brixton ● Crawford Jacket

I often talk to you about California, a wonderful land that stole my heart way before I even went there. From the Summer of Love to surf punk, from top streetwear brands to the most incredible skate pros, there is more than a reason to love this corner of the planet we call Earth. All the above, beside coming from there, is connected by strong links.

Brixton brings you its version of the story in a genuine approach to streetwear. This brand founded in 2004 is strictly related to ambassadors that surf rather than being street artists or skateboarders. One over all named Brad Cromer just had the opening part of Krooked video “Let’s Skate Dude” and his skating is technical with a calculated pop and harmony of movement.

In a mutual exchange of influences coming from their different styles, this brand has a rather unique proposal. Clean with an retro edge, Brixton style has a goal: to be the timeless brand whose items get more precious with time.

In a research that wants to give a new light to the classic bomber jacket, Crawford jacket comes with a perfect timing. The bomber is still very en vogue but the variations on the theme are even better. The quilted hunter jacket influenced the designers that made a blend of the two styles creating an hybrid, here worn by John G, more than impressive.

Very close to the original bomber design for what concerns cuffs and collar, but not the hem, this jacket features a water-repellent coating, metal zipper and snaps, and a custom Brixton leather patch leaving no detail untouched.

If you want to get familiar with this brand that belongs to Blue Distribution roster all you have to do is browse Blakshop section of this brand and you will bet stoked on its headwear offer, among the rest. California flavor is just a click away.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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