Brixton ● Edmund Crew

Brixton is the outcome of a scenario where the good life and original designs go hand in hand. Welcome to California, a sunny land where surfing and skateboarding are born and people smile at you on the sidewalk if you are looking good. No wonder that this is the natural environment of the “hang loose” motto: California easy living is truly legendary and those that had a taste of it, will hardly forget it.


The flavor of this brand is not new to The Maxiemillion: we had the chance to see quite a few items that belong to different categories already. The brand that at first was making a buzz for its fedora hats evolved in a full lifestyle brand that has the strength to surprise with smart solutions.


Take this Edmund Crew here worn by Elisabetta L. Being Californian weather notorious for being mild and never too cold, the designers at Brixton created a sort of windbreaker crewneck. Its cotton / poly blend is similar to a kind of sail cloth whose peach like hand is surprisingly smooth.


Its minimal design is the key to this item that gets a touch of class with its branding is but it’s the varsity style to make this crewneck stand out. Its striped v-neck, cuffs and hem that alternate navy blue with heather grey is the perfect complement, color wise. It gives a touch that you notice but it’s not too crazy, meeting 100% my expectations.


Fold it, throw it in your backpack and carry it with you when it may be breezy and you don’t want surprises. Wear it with light colors as you feel, because what is fresh about its design is that being essential it may easily adapt to the way you dress, regardless of your style.


If you have a hard time to find Brixton in your area, you know you can rely on online shopping. Blakshop has a Brixton section where you can find both regular items and sales, so if you want to recreate a California state of mind, you may start from Brixton…
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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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