Brixton ● Forte Ringer S/S Knit

Brixton had a really brilliant vision for this Forte Ringer S/S Knit and I fell in love at first sight when I saw it, as it’s easy to guess. I wouldn’t go deep as bringing out Huey P. Newton and the Black Panthers Party for this one. At least I may make a reference to that Paris track from 1992 called “Make way for a Panther”, a masterpiece in political rap, but even this one is too extreme for a streetwear blog.

I’d rather pick up LL Cool J “Walking with a panther”, the album from 1989 that contains phenomenal storytelling gems like “Big Ole Butt”, “I’m that type of guy” and “Jingling Baby”, also used by his majesty A-Trak during his DJ sets. I let my passion carry me on sometimes, but this long intro was somewhat necessary.

I indulged in showing off my knowledge for a simple reason here: the beauty of this knit is self explanatory. I didn’t use the word “t-shirt” because with this item Brixton stepped its game up. Do you remember the retro style of ringer tees? Those t-shirts that had a contrast ring around the neck and some even around the sleeves…? This knit is like a new and improved version of the ringer, making it the ultimate men’s top, thanks to its state of the art multicolor stripes.

Its vivid color palette is saying loud and clear that this item isn’t related by any means with the concepts that I evoked in the first two paragraphs. The panther here is not even black: its royal blue is evident. You can forget to play conscious rapper and take out that baseball cap of the team whose colors are the same. This is the key to a brilliant outfit, just add a light pair of chinos and you will feel like you own Bel Air.

It’s up to you, no matter if you feel more fresh prince or activist type. I just want to tell you that Brixton can offer you that California easy leaving style that true individuals can wear at their best. Give a look to Brixton on Blakshop and it may spark a revolution in the way you dress…

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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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