Brixton ● Grade Mesh Cap

Brixton is a different side of cool. California easy living may represent a stereotype in your head of a surfer guy, giving you an hang loose as he sees you but things done changed. California is home to many different styles, also according to the age and let me dare to say that Brixton appeals to a more mature demographic. I said so because when Brixton first appeared on the streetwear scene in 2004 it was “the brand with the cool fedoras”.

Then, after that moment in time slightly faded away, the brand had to reorganize and that’s when I became more and more interested in it. Blame it on the fact that I was becoming “less young” but mostly blame it on the unique perspective on apparel of this brand but Brixton is here to stay.

Beside fedoras, new caps appeared in its range and that’s the reason why I am showing you today the Grade Mesh Cap. With a logo that we saw already on that Coda Crewneck that I reviewed here in 2014, this is the trucker cap that you always wanted. Giving more the impression of a headwear piece for hunters, rather than a teen cap, this item relies once again on the strength of the graphic flip of that motorcycle brand logo.

Made of foam covered in a Woodland camo canvas with a patch stitched on it, this cap here on the delicate head of Francesca L can be worn either in the concrete jungle or in the woods. There is more: you can rock it if you are a tough guy but also if you simply look for some camouflage to spice up your outfit. One thing is sure: in this moment where dad caps are mad hot and snapbacks are not a new thing anymore, to rock a trucker sharp like this will make you win in any situation.

Check what Blakshop has to offer in its Brixton section: it’s time for you to… embrace a different side of cool.
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