Brixton ● Hilt Wshd s/s Pocket knit

Brixton has made all it takes not to be considered the “flavor of the month”. Many brands fight to be in the spotlight to dominate the market but not this one.


With its humble and honest approach to urban life, Brixton is doing his thing out of step since 2004. With a plan that is aimed at longevity rather than at a quick strike, with an approach to apparel that brings out a sort of clean street elegance, the Californian brand is here to stay.


It all started mostly as an headwear brand but step by step Brixton evolved in a much more complete entity. That’s why in its range you can find the fedoras that you can’t get anywhere else, together with other unique caps. But we are familiar with this brand already. Don’t you remember when at the end of 2013 I reviewed its Coda crewneck?!


The brand founded by David Stoddard, Jason Young and Mike Chapin puts a lot of care in every aspect of the craftsmanship. Back then it was a recycled fabric partly made with PET and today is a matter of washing. To make this item special, Hilt Wshd s/s Pocket knit went under a treatment to make it look worn and consequently to have a much softer hand.


Watch closely these pictures of Ilaria A and you will notice, perfectly camouflaged, a pocket that you hardly see for how perfectly the lines of the pattern overlap. The ringer collar gives a true grunge vibe that is totally fitting this 90s throwback period we are in. You can check this brand from Blue Distribution roster on Blakshop: California flavor is just one click away…

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