Brixton ● Rogers II S/S Knit

I can’t make it in any other way: I have to go back to Brixton every now and then. The Californian flavor of the brand that is backing up the skate action of Krooked pro skater extraordinaire Brad Cromer gets all my love for this alone already. Beside this aspect, the research on creating a timeless style that takes inspiration from retro sportswear and a certain kind of forgotten finesse is major.

This time we are not checking a camouflage trucker or a short sleeve shirt like last time but rather a knit. Let’s break it down properly, not everybody may be familiar with streetwear language. There is a scale as follows that defines your lightweight tops: first you have basic tees, then graphic tees and then you have knits. By this way you define from cut and sew tees to raglan and ringer tees.

This Rogers II S/S Knit has the worn look of a rare finding in a thrift shop. It may be the special colorway that you fell in love with a long time ago and to find it again seems impossible but true. On a heather grey structure you have two stripes stitched to shoulders and sleeves with a little logo screenprinted on the chest, making it look very similar to a popular style of soccer tees.

Brixton in a skateboard brand tradition loves to flip logos every now and then. Many seasons ago on this blog we saw Coda crewneck with a popular motorcycle brand flipped to become Brixton. I have a penchant for this way of giving a new life to old concepts and as you can see from these shots of Nicole B it’s a knit whose vintage touch is on point.

The range of this brand is surprisingly extended, including unusual headwear for the sharpest outfits and you can find it on Blakshop. Don’t waste this opportunity to step up your style: this piece of California is available now and… it’s only a click away
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