Brixton ● Stuart S/S Woven

In case you are a busy person that has better ways to spend time rather than calculating momentum of different trends in streetwear, don’t worry: that’s why I’m here for. Being constantly in touch with brands and distributors and checking on regular basis catalogs and lookbooks, puts me in a position to understand the ups and downs of streetwear. I didn’t even have to study for this: I just have a photographic memory.

It is with an extreme certainty that I can tell you that Summer 2018 means Hawaiian shirts. You can’t be caught off guard: you gotta have at least one. You may go for current or vintage ones but this is the “must have” now.

I am lucky enough to have the support of Blue Distribution that spoils me with the flyest apparel that lands in this corner of Europe that we call Italy. The spotlight today is on a Brixton top that falls into place with the above mentioned trend in the most discreet way. Stuart S/S Woven is a short sleeve printed shirt that represents the best of both worlds: it is current but it looks vintage.

The cotton/poly blend of this item has been washed to give it a slight distressed look but the real strength of this item is to be found in its pattern. The essential design of these flowers has been pushed to the maximum, almost turning this into an abstract pattern. Nothing to deal with colorful shirts whose taste is not always corresponding to the concept of finesse.

The wash of this shirt makes it a dark grey hybrid that you can play both as a navy blue or a black. Check how it drops flawlessly on Louis B, turning him into an instant street lord.

If you realized all of a sudden that this is the type of finesse that you are looking for, just browse Brixton section on Blakshop and your image will be current like never before.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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