Brixton x Independent ● Shine L/S Standard tee

In a world of copycats there is nothing like being original. Putting together a brand has never been this easy but creating an outstanding one is not something that you do in a couple of session with your graphic designer. It takes time, dedication but most of all inspiration and today we deal with two brands that do not lack in any of these factors.

Brixton and Independent Truck Company had a different impact on California subcultures but their Friendly Union collaboration capsule relies on what they share. If the first made an impression on the global streetwear scene for the research on its headwear collection, that later on expanded in two complete appare collections for both men and women, the second is a skateboarding icon.

Independent doesn’t need a presentation: if you are into streetwear for a few years for you it’s the brand that collaborated with Thrasher and with Supreme,beside the Herschel collab that we saw here recently. If you skated for a while then Independent is the representation of skateboarding free spirit that rarely has been achieved in such a strong way by a skate brand. Their deep love for the streets is the grey area that is common ground for these two entity. Both brands sat at the table and designed collectively each and every item part of this capsule portrayed in a skate action packed video.

I picked Shine L/S Standard tee among its items and as you can see both the identities are represented: from the clean Brixton approach to Independent unmistakable cross, everything is at its place . Check these pictures of Marika G and look how this item is ready to make you a streetwear master, worn in association with your coolest denim sleeveless vest. It’s in this way that you exploit to the fullest the potential of the long sleeve print.

Give a look to Brixton collection on Blakshop and you will find plenty of items beside this. Let your sense of style identify the items that match your personality and don’t forget to stay original by any means necessary.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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