Brooklyn Haze – Armour Black crewneck

City life may be intense sometimes. To help you overcome all the difficulties related to a urban lifestyle, Brooklyn Haze creates garments that may make you shine, no matter where you are. Desk job or dining with your girl, skatepark or club, no matter where you take this crewneck, you will be noticed for your subtle street elegance when you wear it. A couple of Rakim bars come to mind looking at this item: “young cadets get stripes from the vets/object cheddar, better your total net”. Brooklyn Haze is not a veteran but sure this brand can give you stripes if you think that such element can’t miss from your outfit. Those ever-present white stripes that we already saw last year in Brooklyn Haze collection, make a comeback here as the only “visible” traits on a black on black screenprinted piece. Look at how detailed is the craftsmanship of this Armour Black crewneck. There is a slight difference from that other Haze Block crewneck that we saw here not long ago: the cut. While the fit stays the same, here you have a top piece stitched to the rest, as you can see from these pictures of Francesca C. The Italian chapter of the Street Goth book is written by Brooklyn Haze with a style that toned down a lot from its beginning, taking a definitive shape. By this I mean improving its elegance and maintaining a production that is 100% made in Italy, from design to craftsmanship. The result is a limited edition collection that you can’t wait to wear in order to make your city life easier. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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