Brooklyn Haze – Pitcher Baseball shirt

Brooklyn Haze is the confirmation that a universal vibe exists. Once street kids from Harlem started this movement known to the medias as Street Goth, it immediately got a following on the West Coast that consolidated the whole phenomenon. In the meantime even Paris was making himself heard and Brooklyn Haze was moving its first steps in Italy. A contemporary brand that celebrates the joy of the obscure and the fascination with the dark side, Brooklyn Haze is 100% Italian. Designed and produced in Italy but with the whole world in mind, this rookie of the urban scene knows exactly what are its goals and how to reach them. Street elegance with minimal silhouettes that cause strong impacts is what Brooklyn Haze works hard for. What started as a test in late 2013 is now a consolidated reality where the research on shapes and materials are main priorities. Take a look at this Pitcher Baseball shirt. The item that Federica B is wearing is inspired by those same baseball shirts that you see rap artists wearing these days, like A$ap Rocky often does. Once again throwback sportswear pieces influence the way we dress, as it keeps on happening these days. Every detail of this piece is flawless, from the thick matte jersey fabric to the rubber buttons, from the accurate stitching of the Haze word to the hem of the sleeves. Available in selected Italian street stores or on the official website, Brooklyn Haze represents an alternative for individuals that doesn’t want to be confused with the guy next door. Are you ready to shine with a different flavor?

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