“Welcome to Califor-nia my ni**a/the home of palm trees and sticky green killers” (Dr Dre)

Brooklyn Haze is still thick. There may be the summer approaching but despite the sun rays there is not much that you can’t perceive clearly through such a haze. The word is “evoke”, not “define”. This revolutionary and mysterious brand puts Brooklyn at the center of a conceptual universe where, once its haze starts to be all around you, you may find yourself at ease with the dimension that you prefer, may it be an essential black and white graphic crewneck or, like in this case, a sublimated print of a few palms. Blue skies are the limit over this view through a kaleidoscope of what is universally considered a relaxing image. Chill in the sun while you’re feeling the haze or creep in the darkest club where you let your tee shine, there is a ying yang science that applies to this piece that allows you to do what you want and it will be done with style. Your own style. As I told you when I first reviewed a Brooklyn Haze item a few weeks ago, this is a genuine made in Italy production conceived by the mastermind over at Double H. A contemporary design in your face yet very delicate is the flavor of any Brooklyn Haze piece. You can find this Caleido Palms t-shirt that Sara M is wearing at your favorite shop but if the right size is not available due to the limited runs of any product of this brand, don’t panic. Feel free to browse the official website and order online there, where the haze is thicker.

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