“”Damn Yeezy and Hov’, where the hell you been?”/Ni**az talkin real reckless, stuntmen” (Kanye West)

It’s evident, you see it written in the above banner: the new player of the streetwear game is now coming out of its lab and it has already hit the streets.

You see Brooklyn Haze written here and you want me to lell you the story of this brand that is creating a buzz like never before. The fact is that I know it from the very beginning but maybe it’s pointless to say it to you. It’s all in the name: how can you define haze?

A vision blurred by fast living, hypnotic and obscure beats, scenarios changing too fast and the need to adapt to the new code of the urban jungle like a leader, following Rakim guidelines since day one. But wait, A$ap Rocky actual name is Rakim too, so the leader, not only has to be classic, but he also has to be fresh.

From Double H, a classic in the history of Italian streetwear, now you have this fresh brand, Brooklyn Haze that real quick, without notice, every friend of yours wants to wear. Fitting these Versace days with a street flavor that smells like burnt rubber and coconut oil, this is the new Italian renaissance of baroque all over sublimated prints that you are looking for in these last months.

There is more: for the black and white essential fans, Noir collection is ready to give a newfound elegance though graphic minimalism.

Check Brooklyn Haze online or at your local shop but keep in mind to be quick: limited releases like this Yeezy Terry cloth crewneck that Alessandra L is wearing are quick to disappear.

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