“You wanna know why I invest all my money into haze and into dope/cos’ right now I’m currently a slave for Interscope” (Jadakiss)

Brooklyn Haze is making heads turn really quick these days. In a stale scenario where that brand is too old, that other brand is uninspired and what remains is off focus, this brand came, saw and conquered in a Julius Caesar tactic. When fresh ideas get along with an established distribution like the one called Double H, it can only go snowballing and this is exactly what happened. Word of mouth, proper product placement and a modern website all gave strength to this brand that in a few months gained recognition both by shop owners and fans of the brand itself. If here we only saw a crewneck and a couple of tees in floral print style previously, today we are venturing into the darker side of Brooklyn Haze force. This Noir Team tee that Fatima K is wearing belongs to the Noir collection that will be posted in the next days on Brooklyn Haze website and boy, let me tell you, it hits hard. Could you think one year ago that Street Goth aesthetics could have been worked with an Italian touch? Beside the Italian design this item has a current style that may be worn everywhere, from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Minimalistic in its graphic approach, pay attention to the fact that even if it’s a white on black tee, there is a red bar underlining the letters ZE on bottom left. Even sleeves have been screen printed with two bars each. My style suggestion to pull this out in a decent way may be summed by the following words: black or it’s wack.

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