“Loon is a pimp, trick ain’t the topic?/Ni**a you do the shrimp, trip to the tropics” (Loon)

No, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn by Herny Miller have nothing to deal with this piece. You may have heard of it only if your sources are on point: this is nothing but Brooklyn Haze Tropico capsule. Take a contemporary “do it yourself” ethic, add a lot of current style and sprinkle it with the know-how of a veteran like Double H and what you get is the new capsule from Brooklyn Haze. Tropico celebrates exotic holiday locations and hood mentality to the fullest. The game of mirrors started with a few pieces of the first release of Brooklyn Haze t-shirts, like that Caleido t-shirt that we saw here a couple of months ago, gets played again. Take a toucan from a Caribbean island, put it in front of a mirror, apply the result to a couple of short sleeves and add a white torso. Old English font is almost mandatory these days of Street Goth takeover but the smart move here is to print it in dark grey instead of black, in order to give a washed feel. The body of the t-shirt is made of cotton while the sleeves are polyester, in order to absorb the sublimated print to the maximum and give you as a result vivid colors to put Pantone in shame. You don’t need to read Henry Miller books to understand that this piece worn by Cristina B is the flavor for your G summer. Get your Tropico at authorized Brooklyn Haze retailers or get it online as soon as this new piece is available on the official website.

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